Friday, December 31, 2010

Tron Legacy

Finally, I was able to squeeze 2 hrs to see this movie. I was quite excited by the trailer few months back. However, reading some critics and feedbacks of the movie after it was opened, my expectation was largely diminished and thought that I could just skip this movie if I really couldn't get time to make it. Well, surprisingly, I was able to go and my verdict is that the critics are more or less right. However, as my expectation was lowered, it actually wasn't that bad after all.

The soul of this movie is not any human actors but the CG and the sound of it. As I listened to the soundtrack before, I wasn't as excited as when I saw the movie. I think Daft Punk really nailed it this time. The sound really helps the movie a lot. The CG is unbeatable. However, sometimes it was still a bit hard to follow the actions, particularly some of the motorcycle chasing scenes. Anyway, the light jets, the motorcycles, etc are good.

The actors did what their roles required them to do. I don't blame them, the chicks are hot, particularly Olivia Wilde, she is very likable. Jeff Bridges is decent, but just not much or Garrett Hedlund can do. Yes, the worst part of the movie is the script! It is just too simple with one track. There is no twists or even plots in the movie for actors to shine. Yes, the 3Ds and CGs are fine, good enough for me to go to see once and that's it. I would say that it is still worth going for the sake of watching the effects, but the story is just subpar. Nice try, thanks, but just good enough to see once.

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