Monday, December 13, 2010

A perfect life

Our world is not perfect, and neither our lives. Perhaps, that’s the reason why many of us dream of what if certain things can happen to us to make our life better. Anyway, I don’t have a ‘holy’ list that contains all the things that would make up a perfect life that would apply to everybody. Nevertheless, the following is my personal list that I came up, and the items are in random order of importance.

1. Happy childhood
2. No large regret of wrong doings while looking back.
3. Good health
4. Good exposure to advancing level of education.
5. Access to a wide variety of healthy and fresh foods
6. Sufficient clothing for different occasions
7. Sufficient living space
8. Access to environmental-friendly means of transportation
9. Enjoy maximum but equal personal level of freedom in the society
10. Living under democracy
11. Visits to various famous landmarks/natural wonders/historical heritage sites all over the world
12. To love and to be loved
13. Have started my own family
14. Access to favorite personal entertainments on demand, e.g. movies and music
15. Read good books
16. Knowledge and ability to appreciate certain types of art
17. Good BMI
18. Die naturally and peacefully in old age
19. Sense of humor
20. Small group of life-long friends
21. Experience in voluntary works/charity
22. Capability to learn new skills throughout my life
23. Unlimited access to information
24. Ability to sleep through the nights and dream
25. Religious experience
26. Experience to teach
27. Experience to perform
28. Done no harm to others
29. Witness birth and death
30. Experience in painting/making sculpture
31. Experience to forgive
32. Ability to cook decent meals
33. Enjoy some sport activities, like jogging, dancing, biking, etc
34. Experience as a pet owner
35. Experience in gardening

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