Saturday, July 17, 2010

Toy Story 3

Just got back from cinema with my wife for Toy Story 3. Well, what a nice movie it is! I read quite a bit about this movie beforehand. Learned that people, I mean adults do cry for this movie. However, I didn't feel sad at all for any part of the movie. That didn't make me enjoy it any less. The story is still tight and the funny parts are very entertaining.

I think Woody is still the major character in this one. Buzz's Spanish twist is funny, the dance is just amazing. Surprisingly, Mr. Potato head has a bigger share than I expected. Ken is funny, but it is a bit too much than it is needed. Seeing Totoro is such a surprise! The new toys are nice and outtakes are good as well. The three eyed alien playing Mid-Summer Dream just cracked me up. Also, the great escape of toys from the Sunnyside Childcare Center recalls Prison Break, just hilarious.

Anyway, I just can't find any bad things to pick on in the movie. Much more enjoyable than Shrek 4. Also, as a completion (so far) of a trilogy, this one does provide a high-quality closure than many other trilogies. I would say the Toy Story trilogy is the best among most trilogies that I have came across in last 2 decades. Anyway, I just can't recommend this one enough and the DVD is gonna be a keeper to watch with my son when he is few years older.

At last, 3D does help this movie a bit, but it doesn't grab you or I would say distract you too much. Just a very heartwarming and entertaining experience! *****


Ng Sze Hin said...

I brought my 4 year old son to the cinema to watch it few days ago. We both love it. And yes, I did cry.

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