Friday, July 16, 2010

More dreams

My vivid dreams continue...

I had a very movie like dream last night that the vivid images just left stamps in my mind. Though, I can recall all the pieces, but there are few items that I still remember hours after waking up. I've no plan to make my blog into a dream journal, but I just wanna blog this for my own sake, these are pieces of what I saw in my dream last night:

Gillian Anderson (the actress in X-files) was in my dream playing a FBI agent again. What's different this time is that, there is no Fox Mulder. She was the main character and she has to deal with difficulties alone. She was somehow trapped in a situation that she has to turn into a fugitive that is hunting but other FBIs. She has to pursue a case related to 'teleporting' power or 'worm-hole' something that the U.S. government want to get a hand of. Somehow, she is accidentally linked to a situation that there is a 'worm hole' located in her apartment in a high rise building that she doesn't realize herself. I was many men in black guarding her apartment 24/7, motionlessly, didn't knowing that there is worm hole that pop up every now and then that things would pass through back and forth into another worm hole which was in a restaurant kitchen where a chef was cooking and handling out dishes which were passed through the worm hole to be put in Gillian's apartment. She has dogs in her apartment and those dogs were chowing down the dishes from the chef.

Gillian somehow realized that she has to go, she told some money from her FBI office as 'road money'. She left the building and hopped into the luggage storage of a greyhound bus. Hidden herself there while the bus was travelling down the interstate highways overnight. She dropped her mobile onto another vehicle which was on the way to Canada so as to distract her pursuers. She only made calls on pay phone. She had good pals who are willing to help to on the way while those pals were in government but they are the 'good' guys.

Somehow my third person view of the dream starring Gillian shifted to become being as a first person as myself. I started to be running in the woods in the evening. Trying to find way out. There were public vans that passed me by but I couldn't make up my mind to stop any of them to go the place that I want to even though the sign on the vans clearly show that I can hop in any of them. I was somehow in a time strain and need to go somewhere in a hurry. There was a girl in blond hair also need to take a van, she hopped into one and left. I then still somehow got lost in a wood. There were concrete roads, but I somehow ran into a mud road on the side. Suddenly, I saw a lot of people, they looks like Korean or Chinese. It seemed that that road was leading to a mass cemetery which almost occupy the whole valley. I then run up the valley where the upper part was still landfill. I struggled to the top and saw the night scenery of a big city in the background. Somehow I looked up and saw there were construction going on at the landfill which looks like something like a stadium or a dam. There was a ticking clock there but it looked more like a ticking bomb to me. Underneath the ticking number, there was a word 'Corp.Action' (how strange is that?!).

Then, my dream shifted to another scene where I saw a Chinese female ex-coworker, my ex-boss, a black ex-ex-ex-ex-coworker with the name Brian, and an American Thai ex-ex-ex-ex coworker who became a dear friend of mine later. We were in a discussion about checking on something at a round table. Somehow my ex-boss suggested my American-Thai female friend to lead in checking, but my Chinese female ex-coworker doesn't like it. My ex-boss then pounding the table with a pen in hand saying something like...why didn't you tell Brian to check this, this, this and this.....last time. As the job wasn't done properly, you need to listen to my Thai friend this time....something like that.

Then, I was awaken up by my alarm clock.



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