Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New PC

This blog is a bit late. I got my new desktop delivered to my home for more than a week ago. Since my old Dell was brought back in 2004, though it is still running fine, in spite of small harddisk and the slow speed, I did ponder this purchase for more than a month before I made up my mind to get a new one. This time I got a HP through the staff discount offered from my company. It has been running well, but I still have a lot of tweakings to do in order to really replace my old Dell. That's been a challenge considering the limited free time that I've and fine tuning of PC does take a lot of time. My wife may not really appreciate it, but I hope she will find it nicely to use once dust is settled.

Upgrading myself from WinXP to Window 7 is a bigger jump for me. So far, Window 7 looks good. I can't comment much until I'm comfortable with this new machine. Transition from my old Dell to new HP is a pain! First of all, I've bought a new scanner from Canon as my old Microtek one doesn't have Window 7 driver, though I love the old OCR more than the Canon one after I found out that the Canon one can't convert the scan to MS Word directly (I should ask thoroughly before the purchase, now I've to get and run an additional program to convert .txt and .pdf to .doc). Secondly, I've to shell out extra $ to get a new MS Office 2007 (to be upgraded to Office 2010 in few months), cos my old office can't be migrated to new HP and the freeking Microsoft Works that come with HP kinda sucks. I'm sure my wife is not gonna happy with that stupid striped down Works. So, $ is gone! The worst part is the migration of my iTune library. I got the podcast and apps done, but the music part is still confusing to me. Man! it is just a lot to do. But the upside is that, it makes me to really consolidate my files and folders in a more organized way which is good thing that I should have done long times ago. Also, upgrading to Window 7 makes it more relevant to read tech magazines which only talk about Win 7 anyway.

Not sure if I was 'itchy' or not, I even bought an additional external harddisk for the sake of backing up files. It costs quite a bit, but I think 1.5 Tb should last for few years. Upgrading and getting my PC ready has occupied my mind recently, all my spare time is spent on this. I hope I can get it done shortly, cuz I don't see I would have a lot of free time much longer in view of a new milestone of my life which is gonna happen in next few weeks.


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