Monday, June 15, 2015

Long time no blog

I don't know if anyone still subscribe my blog and don't care if anyone would still read it. These days, everybody is using FB. Blogging activities certainly declines. However, I still visit my own blogs everyday, just for the sake of checking the new blogs of my favorite blogs. Why have I not blog for so long? Well, that doesn't really matter, I would say that is combination of time, convenience, access, etc.

Anyway, I'm back! At least for today.

There are stuffs that I wanna say on record for the period since my last blog. I'm not gonna organize it in any structural way, cuz, that would take too much time which is something I gotta cherish when I can.

I saw many movies during that period, Avengers sequel, Big Hero Six, Interstellar, etc. Damn, if I don't blog them after I saw them, I would just forget what I have seen... Well, look at it the other way, if I don't remember them, probably they should be forgot!

I went to the Mega-Hit Taichi 30 Years Anniversary Concert few weeks back. It was a very refreshing experience since I've not gone to any concert for a long time. I went there by myself with my wife's 'dear understanding', though she yelled me for coming home late. Anyway, a rock concert is something got to see live. Not all songs are my favorite, but certainly some are. What a nostalgic effect when I listened to some songs that I would say I'd not listened for more than a decade, and I could still sing along and remember the lyrics. Goldies are goodies!

Technical Tragedy
My fxxking Seagate hard drive of 1TB couldn't be detected by my PC at home for the last 2-3 months and checked with a data-content rescuer service, it would cost me HK$1700+ to get the data back. I tried to download some software to save it myself but no vain. I'm wondering if I should cough that much $$$ to save the data which was my freaking music collection in past 10 years of 300+GB!!! Well, I'm still trying to rescue myself, but time is just not on my side. I would decide if I will need external help in this week or two. That's a lot of money to pay and not 100% guarantee! However, come to think of it, it probably cost less than the purchase price of 20 cds, but I can save 5 figures of MP3s!......I gotta be more careful in backing up my files, the second most importance library is my photo library, I plan to store them on cloud. I got a free online storage accounts of a couple TBs, that should do it. But, the problem is that that is from the 'Strong country' in the North. So, God knows if someday it will simply disappear without a trail?.......

Job side
Well, as usual, I don't really talk about it openly because once things are said, there is no secret. What I wanna mention is that a big project has been delivered and went live early this month. So, I'm having a bit of relax time now. However, as I would need to move desk to be closer to my new boss in a 'challenging' environment, i.e. out of a comfort zone, there are just too many unknowns and would take a bit of adaptation. That will happen by end of this month. So, I'm just gonna chill a bit for now.

Home front
  • Went to Singapore with the whole family in end of Feb for 6 days. First leisure travel as a family for years! It was fun! Lived in Sentosa, went to Universal Studio, Legoland in MY, etc. First time for kids on plane, a good experience. Tired but worthy.
  • Well, got a housemaid replacement, decent so far.
  • Got my wife an iPhone 6. Was thinking about getting an Apple Watch, but just can't seem to find a convincing reason to buy one: No killer app so far, battery life is short, looks a bit bulky, and it is still the first gen.! 
  • No major gadget has been bought. 
  • Still yelling my sons which is something I don't wanna do but still doing it. They really test my patience and EQ. I'm so far still on the losing side.
  • Wife and I are fine, can always improve....

Well, that's it for now, until next time.....


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