Thursday, November 21, 2013


Having post anything for a while. Actually, I do have quite few things that I wanna share. Perhaps, I’m just make a few bullet posts about them.

It is better to be late than never. I saw this movie last month with my wife while we could squeeze out a late evening out on our own. She didn’t enjoy it that much but thanks for accommodating my taste. I like that movie very much. These are few thoughts that I have about that movie.

- Sandra Bullock is gonna be nominated in Acadamy Award next year. She leads the movie from beginning to end. A very engaging experience because of her acting.

- Agreed wtih Jim Cameron, it is the best space movie ever.

- Wish I saw it on iMax, but 3D is a must. 

- People criticize the simplicity of the script, but I think it is the simplicity that really make this movies more focus. If they add some flash back on earth and all that, it will ruin the movie.

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