Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Thoughts on iphone 5s

Many people in the general press cried fowl on the latest release of iPhone 5s and 5c as if Apple is going down hill like many others. They cited what happened to Nokia as a prime example, comparing the 40% market share it had in feature phones few years and look at where it is now? They cited how wonderful the iPhone was when Steve Jobs was still alive, and bah bah bah... Yes, the stock price of AAPL dropped few % and all that. But, is iPhone 5s really spell the end of Apple? I don't think so!

I use Apple products, but I really don't count myself as an Apple fanboy. With so much info out there, it is very easy to pick and choose things to meet your stand regardless it is black or white. I don't really think Apple's iPhone 5s or 5c as a matter are really bad products. Too much have been read into the 5c, saying that it is a cheap plastic version that has no improvement. I think it is a matter of just giving ONE alternative choice to buyers and crave out 5s as a top-notch product for the year. 5s' fingerprint reading is not a gimmick, but it is really part of the big picture that Apple is painting that many news critic just missed or don't bother study. The most impressive part is the A7 chip with 64bit structure with M7. These are a bit technical that more general press don't bother neither. Actually, these are very important things that Samsung, Google and the rest are playing very close attention to internally.

Some general press like to do comparison table of specs and pointed out how 5s lacks behind Galaxy S4, etc. I think that's kinda silly. What matter is user experience. The only 'so-called' shortcoming of 5s is the screen size IF you are really into video viewing. Other than that, the user experience of 5s would no way below any competitors can offer. Yes, that's what I believe, cuz I've not get a hand on the phone yet, though it is gonna be my next purchase very soon. My belief is based on the hardware-software bonding that Apple has which is superior than all the rest. Yes, Android is improving very fast, but it is still catching up to what Apple is doing. A7 64bit is whole game changer that users will get a sense of it in 1 or 2 years when App developers full embrace it and release all apps that can exploit the capability of it. By then, the Apps are gonna be very impressive! Server capability on a phone running crazy Apps! The key thing is that this move by Apple first of all has caught surprise by its competitors. They won't be able to reach the same capability till sometimes next year. Secondly, Apple has full thought of the backward compatibility of older apps and would make programmers' life very easy in upgrading to 64bit. I've not heard similar claims from Android side. Thirdly, with M7's biometric capability, Apple is testing the water before iWatch release. Reportedly, this biometric thing has huge potential in fitness, health, etc areas that Samsung and others are still lacked behind. Furthermore, the A7+M7 thing will surely be on iPad in few months. It is a major ammo that others competitors have to deal with in all fronts. With this, I'm not surprise if Apple will release additional hardware for gamers with integrated power linking all the Apple gadgets sometimes next year.

So, saying Apple is going down hill is just silly.

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