Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Homemade bread

Another new appliance was bought over last weekend. It is electric bread maker (Model# SP104) from Panasonic. The reason why we bought this tool is because we would like to save money in the long run and have healthy bread in our household instead of buying those light in weight and expensive bread that come with preservatives and chemicals. Certainly, we need to buy ingredients to make bread and they are not that cheap. In order to provide a greater variety, various kinds of nuts, dry berries, etc were bought as well. Further, my wife also bought different kind of jams, so our son wouldn't get bored with homemade bread. So far, we have used the machine twice and I do love the output so far. The crust is chunky and the core is soft. The best part about this maker is that it has a timer, so I can schedule the bread to be ready in the morning, so we can have freshly made bread for breakfast. In fact, even the leftover, it still taste good in next morning. I hope this tool will last for years to come!

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