Thursday, June 30, 2011

iPhone at 4

Well, iPhone is 4 years old today. Happy Birthday!

Being an owner of an 3GS and husband of a 3G owner, I can’t help thanking how much iPhone has improved my livelihood in the past 2 years or so. Remember few years back, I was already wishing to be a smartphone owner, cuz I want a phone to serve me more than just communication. At that time, the closest product was the smartphone from a company that no longer exists – Dodpot. I was happy with the overall functions that it was able to provide back then. However, it was still lacking in the music department given how much I enjoy my iPod Classic back then. Also, the form factor of the Dodpot phone was too bulky to be carried around. I wouldn’t want to carry a ‘soap’ in my pocket. Furthermore, the price of that phone was staggering. I didn’t end up purchasing that phone and then….iPhone came along.

I remember watching the keynote from Steve Jobs in 2007 and my jaw was dropping when I see the size and the capabilities of iPhone. The multi-touch was simply astonishing! After seeing that, there was no doubt what my next would be and I didn’t care what else was gonna be released. Because of the carrier contract issue, I bought the 3G for my wife before I got my hand on 3GS. Well, I just can’t put the damn thing down since I bought them. The App Store was the key and it just kept the whole user experience refreshing everyday. To be honest, I’ve not fully utilize most of the capabilities of the phone. However, what I’ve been using regularly so far are enough to keep my busy and happy: podcast, music, camera, web-browsing, phone, games, notes taking, etc. Just can’t wait to see what iPhone 5 is gonna bring and it’s about time for me and my wife to upgrade.

P.S. Sorry Android, though I’ve been tempted to find out more from you, I just haven’t got a kick to switch camp yet.

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