Friday, March 26, 2010

Shutter Island

Just came back from this movie. I was thinking about choosing between this and 'Alice in Wonderland'. However, as I'm going to movie by myself this time. I just wanna choose a movie that would use some brain power. I heard that this movie is a bit deep and complicated. Oh man, have I got my brain fed. This is a not an easy movie to watch. I think Martin Scorsese did a very wonderful job of directing this movie. Leonardo Dicaprio is the star in it. I can't recognize any other familiar face in it except Ben Kingsly who play the head of the psychiatric institution on Shutter Island, and Michelle Williams who played Leo's wife. Ben did a decent job as that role doesn't really demand him to act much. Michelle is good. I think she has been picking her roles nicely in her post Dawson Creek days. She is becoming a serious actress, I can see that she will win some awards in future. Anyway, going back to the movie. I think the main attractions of this movie are these four things:

1. Leonardo Dicaprio - his Titanic days are long gone. He has been able to become a really serious actor rather than simply a star. This movie made his look a bit old, but that fits the character nicely. This role is a complicated one that demands range of emotions and his performance is definitely captivating. Cos, without doing such a good job in acting, I don't think anyone can stand the 2 1/2 hours of a story like that. It is too early for next year for Academy Awards consideration, but his performance surely deserve a nomination.

2. The island - I don't know if this Shutter Island is really a real place off Massachusetts. Certainly, the whole scenery, the buildings, the light tower, the cliffs, the forests, etc. All these places really fit the story well by providing such a brisk, isolated, crude environment for the sane to fight to stay sane and for the insane to stay insane.

3. The story - the script is really well, as I said before, it's kinda complicated. The twist at the last 20 minutes of the movie is fine. I know some people really enjoy guessing what is the next while they are watching a movie. I'm not that type, I would rather respect the script to take me along for a drive to let what it is planned to throw at me to do just that. Cos, the story itself is not easily digested, I don't wanna keep my brain in overdrive while watching it. Well, this story is based on a novel. I've never read the book, I tell you that it is not a happy story, and it is kinda getting heavier and heavier as it goes along. Therefore, if you want an easy escape to enjoy or have a laugh. Well, this movie is definitely not gonna do it for you. I would say that this movie is one of those that deserves a second viewing.

4. Music - I think the music of this movie has really set the tone from the beginning. I don't know why, it somehow reminds me of some Hitchcock's old movies like Vertigo or Psycho. Anyway, I do find the music in this movie as good as an supporting cast in it.

Well, that's my two cents on this movie. For details, please go wiki it or check it out on imdb.


慧子 said...

Love your phrase - Shutter Island is a place 'for the sane to fight to stay sane and for the insane to stay insane'. I can see it as the core message delivered by Martin Scorsese. Also love the music and the performance of Leonardo Dicaprio. Thanks for visiting and sharing your comment with me.

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