Friday, December 21, 2007


Everybody has his/her opinion about dreams. Certainly, I’m not talking about day-dreaming or those so call dreams which are hopes indeed. I’m talking about those subconscious vivid experience while we are in deep sleeping mode.

I love dreams and I dream often in sleep, though I can’t recall 99% of them. But I do know that I’ve dreamed when I wake up in the morning, just base on those 1% residue of dreams. If I didn’t dream the night before, I’ll have a feeling that time passed very fast all through the night, and I will feel the lack of sleep. The feeling is like you flip through a blank book from cover to bottom in a flesh. There is nothing to hold your attention throughout the whole process.

When I was very young, I had a thought: it will be great if I can control my dream. Cos, people say that we sleep one third of our life. When we sleep, we dream. So, logically, if we can totally control our dream, it means we can totally control one third of our life. We can control what we do, what are the consequences and how we feel. How cool is that? We would be so free in our dream, cos dream world is our world. We can do whatever we want and we won’t suffer any bad consequence of it. Cos, logic or karma just don’t apply in dreams. If we can really do that, I don’t think anyone will want to wake up! Come to think of it, it is a pretty funny idea!

I’ve many memorable dreams, though most of them I’m not gonna to share with the world. Many people including I believe that dreams mean something. So, there are folks called ‘dream interpreter’ who can tell you what they means. Like it is good to have nightmare….got kill in dream means something good will happen in real life…..etc. I don’t care too much about that, cos to me, they are largely bullshit. But, there are 3 particular aspects about my dreaming experience are quite interesting:

1. How new folks show up in my dream – this is not new to me, but I experience that again recently. As I just changed job, I start meeting new coworkers, after about 3 weeks into my new job, I start to see my new co-workers in my dream. That happened to me before when I began a new phase of my livelihood, like going to college, and changing job.

2. Location of my dream changes – I remember when I was in the States, I start to have dream with backdrop there. The funny thing was that I started to dream in English. As least that was the language that I spoke to my then new friends in my dreams.

3. Illogical combination of people in my dreams – Certainly, things that happened in my dreams are already illogical, even though some of them deem to be some sort ‘realistic’. However, I just have folks showed up in my dreams that are no way logical to have interaction with each other in real life. Like have friends in Hong Kong mixed with friends in the U.S., folks that I know in the past meet with historical figures and folks in showbiz. That’s just not logical. Also, the ‘me’ in my dreams sometimes swap between being first person and third person, somewhat like switching from watching a movie to being in a video game. That’s also quite weird!

I wonder if other people have same experience as mine.

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ToM Sir said...

每一個故事由開始到結束, 不管是美好還是悲傷, 每一次都有人記得或遺忘, 不管是精彩還是平淡, 每當表演完了, 觀眾欣賞過了, 就必定曲終人散! 這裡人去楼空, 試問有誰明白我們的失落? 或許是我們的「夢」太短了!